Guide to Choosing the Perfect Living Room Valances

We know that choosing the perfect valances for your living can be a challenge, but here at RFL Home we want to make that easy for you. We are here to show you everything that you need to know to choose the right valance to make your home complete.

What is a Valance?

A valance is a form of window treatment that covers the uppermost part of the window and can be hung alone or paired with other blinds or curtains. These are popular decorative choice in concealing drapery hardware or just to bring a dash of color into your room. 

Choosing the Right Valance for Your Room

There a few things to consider when choosing the right valance. The first one is the size of the windows and how much privacy you want in your room. Making this decision will help determine how hang your valances.

If you want a modern look than you can hang them high and wide. If you want to minimize the view than you can mount the valance inside the trim outside of the window. 

Style and Color

Now we get to the fun part of picking out what style and color will go with your room. You want it to connect with the rest of your living room decor. At RFL Home we have a variety of valances that you can chose from:

  • Floral Valances
  • Coastal Valances
  • Check Valances
  • Geometric Valances
  • Paisley Valances
  • Solid Valances
  • Strip Valances

Valances can transform your space by adding color, texture, and style. But with so many options it can be difficult to choose the right one. Choosing the right color or pattern can make or break your living room's aesthetic. You can reach out to us at and chat with one of our experts if you need any help! 

Now that you have gone through this guide we hope you understand the purpose of your valances and what style and color will go great with your room's aesthetic. Remember, the perfect valance is not just a window treatment; it's a reflection of your style and the mood you want to create in your home.

Visit us for a personalized consultation and let us help you select or design the perfect valance for your home.

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